The Perfect Four Day Turkey - DAY TWO, AIR CHILLING

On to day two: 24 hours later and the turkey has enjoyed its bath in the brine. Now for the air chill.

Some may ask, why air chill the bird for another 24 hours? Well, to half answer that, I ask you a question: have you noticed at your market or butcher that your options for chicken range not only from organic to all natural but also include the option of "air chilled"? Air chilling poultry is an alternative method of cooling the chicken down after it has been defeathered, cleaned, and processed, which is actually better for the bird, and for the consumer. See a small video here to explain.

In essence, I am doing a similar method for the turkey - removing it from the liquid and allowing it to rest not only to remove all of the liquid but also to preserve that "turkey flavor". Plus, I personally find it makes for crispier skin during the roasting process.

So, pat that bird as dry as you can get it. Set the bird on top of paper towels in a roasting pan in the fridge to absorb up as much moisture as possible. If you want to turn the turkey over after 12 hours go ahead! It will only help to remove all of the liquid still left behind from the brining.

Another 24 hours and we are ready to make the pancetta-sage compound butter to go under the skin!


  1. Where's the recipe for day three for the pancetta-sage compound butter?

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, I used this recipe to improvise and I'm letting the butter stay under the skin overnight.